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ID Tracking Systems

Track & Credential and beyond ....

Your traditional Photo ID provides you with visual identification only, if you are looking for something more than just visual Identification. Dactek's Tracking Systems are for you. Our Tracking software allows you to track personnel in a variety of ways using a photo ID as the trigger to multiple applications.

Our Tracking Systems combines photo id, schedule activity and personnel credential data offer you a effective solution to track your personnel attendance and whereabouts. 

Systems can be configured to be under these environments: a) IP connected data collection devices throughout company network, b) PDA, hand-held mobile computer, for mobility. Our Tracking Software is designed to work with your existing photo ID systems or any existing database* contains personnel records.

Support Barcode, Magnetic stripe, Proximity cards, HID cards and Biometric-Fingerprint.


ID Tracking Systems Applications
  • Photo ID Software
  • ID Card Printer
  • Barcode/Magnetic/Proximity
  • Biometric Fingerprint
  • Data Collection Device
  • IP / RS485 network
  • Personnel Database
  • ID Tracking Software
  • PC with Windows
  • Hand-Help PDA
  • Guard station computer
  • Interactive Data Collection
  • Remote Location for Check in / out
  • Job site Security
  • Construction yard security
  • Gate Guard Station
  • School Class Attendance Reporting
  • Special Events and Activity
  • Emergency Staging Task Time Tracking
  • Track Meal Taken & Reporting
  • Conference Attendance
  • Trade Show Ticketed Traffic Monitoring
  • Customer Visiting Reports

Tel: 1 (714) 705-4123

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*most of personnel database, please contact us for compatibilities.

Technical support go to:

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